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Why We LOVE The Healing Salve

I am incredibly pumped to bring you powerful information on an amazing product we are lucky enough to distribute. Its an incredible salve that address’s many health and overall skin issues. From rashes to acne to wounds, the Healing Salve is a MUST HAVE in your medicine cabinet!

In life you are gonna get burned. Well, maybe you won’t get burned…but you may get bit! And if you don’t get bit, you will surely get a cut here and there. I am just playing around, but all joking aside, in life things happen! And whether we’ve been wounded or we have a chronic skin condition like acne or eczema- this salve can treat it naturally and powerfully.

Use the Healing Salve for these Common Conditions

The Healing Salve is commonly used for the following conditions; abrasions, abscesses, acne, athlete’s foot, boils, bug bites, burns, chicken pox, cuts, eczema, frostbite, general cleanser, infection, inflammation, itching, mouth sores, parasites, poison ivy/oak, psoriasis, ring worm, skin ulcerations, shingles, sunburn, sty, tumors, warts, wounds…That’s a lot of boo boo’s! This is exactly why we love this product. It should almost be called the Heal ALL Salve because it is versatile, gentle and powerful, all at the same time.

Today I was out picking blueberries in the Alaskan tundra and I was immediately swarmed by mosquitoes. I HATE mosquito bites. I tend to scratch them way too much and make them more inflamed, itchy and irritated then they should be. Since getting my hands on the Healing Salve I know I can put just a tiny amount on each bite and the itch stops immediately. I have never had an easier treatment and I don’t get as stressed about getting bit anymore. Sure enough, I got some bites that turned into huge itchy welts. Within a minute of applying the Healing Salve the itch is gone and so is the redness and inflammation.

Beautify and Heal Your Skin with Botanical Herbs

If my skin is being temperamental I simply wash my face with water and then add a small amount of this salve to the problem areas. It works incredibly well. With natural herbal ingredients like Horsetail, (which is rich with Silica) you know this formula is going to beautify the skin. Comfrey Root contains Allantoin, which is a substance that helps new skin cells to grow! White Oak Bark has a long history of usage for a variety of health conditions. It is well know for its astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. All of this just adds to the salves ability to clean wounds, kill bacteria and soothe skin while encouraging the healing process. The powerful ingredients included in this formula include:

 Organic, Consciously Cultivated, & Wildcrafted Herbal Ingredients

• Goldenseal Root
• Horsetail Herb
• Calendula Flower
• Plantain Leaf
• White Oak Bark
• Comfrey Leaf
• Comfrey Root
• Slippery Elm Bark
• Aloe 100:1

All infused in a base of Organic Olive Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Hemp Seed Oil!

With all of this magical, healing goodness combined in one product, it’s no surprise we are excited to share it with everyone we know. If you are someone who thinks they can benefit from the Healing Salve, make sure to pick some up here. And for a limited time we are offering a promotional discount just to show appreciation to all of our clients and share the love!

Enjoy this discount code:

Valid Until August 14th 2016

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