Just like in people, animals can have energy blockages stored in their bodies from past traumas, poor diet, injuries, and vaccinations etc. I have found that application of natural health and detoxification principles allows for our animals to release these traumas and bring their bodies back into balance and health.

Our consultations are a unique opportunity to learn and experience healing for both you and your animal and to deepen your understanding of your pet’s wellness needs. Animals can easily regenerate their health, and helping animals and their carers on their journey of health is my greatest passion.

Tamra Rose is Certified Detox Specialist trained by Dr. Robert Morse (International School of Detoxification) with an extensive background in energy healing, athletics, dance & movement, and personal & group fitness. For over a decade Tamra has devoted her time rescuing, rehabilitating and fostering abused, sick and abandoned pets. She has been educating clients and pet professionals all over the world on natural feeding, detoxification and holistic animal care. She is also regarded to many as an animal empath and shamanic reiki practitioner.

Tamra found she was in tune with animals at an early age, knowing that animals have the same value in our world. Her soul’s purpose is working with those seeking longevity and a healthier lifestyle for the animals in their care. Together she hopes to make a difference in you and your animal’s life.


Teresa Mammana

I cannot begin to thank Tamra Rose enough for helping me with my 2 horses and my kitten, my dogs and lastly my family. I continue to learn so much about eating healthy, and feeding my animals healthy as well. If I connect with her with any question she is a wealth of information and the few things like with horses (which she is also becoming very knowledgeable with), she will research and offer links to healing answers. I have seen it working first hand. My 16 hand beautiful 8 yr old throurogh-bred had a bad fall during a snowy day and his right back side hit asphalt. Thank god he didn’t break or even sprain anything, but he developed a watermelon size hematoma. Tamra went right to work! She came to my horses aid asap with a bucket of fresh raw veggies and fruits, schooled me in how to best feed him and then made up herbs to specifically target his body and almost instantly the hematoma was shrinking. Everyone at my barn was shocked at how fast he was healing. This wonderful horse also has melanoma and that is now being targeted. I know he is in the best of hands. I have another horse I just took on as a rescue and he has a serious hoof issue called navicular. Tamra is helping along with my Farrier to heal him as well and he is already doing so much better…. off all pain meds. Yay!!!!!

One night just recently I gave my 7 month old kitten an oral flea Med and he has such a bad reaction I thought I was going to lose him. Tamra was called and she told me exactly what to do with herbs she had given me for my horses and how to dose for my 7 lb kitten and within 20 minutes he was already better and by the next day he was fine. She also told me how to support his kidneys, lymphatic system and liver with the toxic Med still working in his system, by setting up a plan for the following 2 weeks. I trust Tamra implicitly. She is there for you morning, noon and night if you are in need. Tamra, I will be forever grateful to all you have done for me, my family and my animal family…. I’m a believer!

Teresa Mammana / Culver City, CA. USA
AR Cook

Tamra Rose, simply said, is a life changer. She meets you where you are and guides you through the health and healing process with her own special brand of compassion and humor, without judgement and an abundance of enthusiasm and patience.  She genuinely cares for the well being and healing of both people and animals and it shows in her commitment and positive approach.

AR Cook / La Jolla, USA
Jill Johnson

I am so grateful for Tamra Rose! My Seamus, my love has been with me almost a year longer than they said and I owe it you. Seamus and I owe you so much for helping with his detox. He was given a death sentence 8 months ago. Now he just turned 9 and acts like a puppy! You made a believer out of me. I was scared to death to take him off the pills the vet prescribed. So glad I did. I never knew dogs could even eat fruit! I need to eat everything Seamus eats and I know I would feel better. It kills me now when I hear what garbage people feed their animals.

Jill Johnson / Los Angeles USA
Jill Gasparqac

After being diagnosed with cancer and going through surgery to remove the mass that his first vet said couldn’t be removed (always get a second opinion), Saxer started on a detox program designed by Tamra to help him get through this health crisis.  He’s been on herbs and a special diet for 10 months now and is doing amazing. I’m so glad that the detox is working and he’s his normal happy self.  I recommend detoxing any pet that has an illness or has to go through surgeries, to help them recover and live a full and healthy life.

Jill Gasparqac / West Hollywood, USA
Laurie & Dewey

Detox is going super well…It’s like I have a new dog. He is more relaxed, settled and comfortable…His digestive system has completely transitioned. Thank God! I more fully understand how malabsorbed he was. He would eat 3 cups of dry food a days (26 pound dog – which was a lot of food), always be hungry and drink tons of water. He would poop 2-3 x a day at a great volume.  He was also always hot. He slept in the coldest part of the house and would sleep outside on the porch even if the temp was -20…He had bloody, colitis diarrhea every second to third day; once he started the soup, that was over in 24 hours! For the first 2 weeks on the soup, he would appear to poop out much of the veggies. It looked as though he was not digesting or absorbing them. And he was still always hungry. Then it started shifting and I would say in the last 2 weeks. His poop has completely changed. All the food appears digested and the quantity of waste is very small. He also drinks so much less water…He had a tough detox event last week where he didn’t want to eat and wasn’t feeling well.  I stopped the herbs for 1 day and then he was fine and we got back at it. I noticed something that Dr. Morse said would happen when you took the GI Broom. He has had several days where his poop was almost black as if he was taking a layer off the walls of the intestine. I view this as a good thing. His ear infection was tough and I think it all rolled in as his immune system was weakening. I worked with mullein garlic drops at first, but it was stubborn.  Then I switched to GSE, coconut oil and oregano oil blend. It was still stubborn. I really think it was a deep inner ear infection and the detox has eliminated this. Awesome! My cousin who runs the organic cattle farm in NY met Dewey for the first time in December.  She came back here for a visit the last week of March and couldn’t believe the difference in his personality. She thought he was a completely different dog. Thanks for giving me the courage to do what my dog needed!

Laurie & Dewey / USA


  • Each animal consultation is unique. It is based upon your personal pet’s current state of health, history and health goals.
  • Working with nature to address the root cause of illness by focusing on the body as a whole through diet, herbs, love and energy.
  • Each client needs to fill out a health history form and agreement before your initial consultation.


  • A full health assessment, animal history analysis and 14 herbal protocol
  • Why your pet gets sick and how to prevent so called “dis-ease. “
  • Learn to balance systemic imbalances and deficiencies
  • Get your questions answered
  • Discuss ongoing symptoms & action plan
  • Raw diet and transitional feeding education
  • Species appropriate homemade meals and tips
  • Natural parasite prevention
  • The key to identifying pet ailments, core problems identified
  • Understanding the emotional and spiritual nature of your pet
  • Basic Iridology assessment optional
  • Email support for 30 days

I recommend 3 follow up sessions in order to re-check client progress,

reassess, update recommendations, and revisit herb protocols.