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  • Did you know that beets (both the root and the greens) have been eaten since ancient times? Eating beetroot helps to:  Lower Blood Pressure Boost Your Stamina Fight Inflammation Fight Cancer Cells Support DetoxificationHow do you like to enjoy beets? In juices or salads? Soups? Lettuce know in the comments
  • We love seeing captures of your herbal protocols, like this one from @rawconfessions  Simply use the hashtag when you post your photos, we can't wait to see them! What herbs are you taking at the moment?
  • Are fresh fruits and vegetables the predominant part of your diet?
  • So much wisdom in this quote by Maya Angelou
  • Our amazing Animal Detox Specialist Tamra Rose @rawlifehealthcoach has written up an informative and inspiring post on how to detox horses  "Lack of natural grazing, coinciding with their lack of freedom to roam are reasons for less than optimal health While controversial, alfalfa is the smart choice, along with fruits like apples They are excellent detoxifiers and help restore an alkaline PH to a horse Even though horses have long GI tracks, its important to remember that they are alkaline beings They have adrenal glands, kidneys, thyroids, and a lymphatic system just like we do" Simply click our link in bio to read the full article
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