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  • Check out this incredible post on chlorophyll by @dorcasgisele   THE BENEFITS OF CHLOROPHYLL  "Chlorophyll is commonly known as 'plant blood' because its molecular structure is similar to that of human haemoglobin The central atom in human blood is iron whereas the in chlorophyll, its magnesiumChlorophyll is synthesized energy of the Sun which means when you ingest it, youre drinking sunshine and your body can literally feel it   Internal deodorant and breath freshener Provides iron to organs Helps to detoxify the liver Improves varicose veins Makes the blood more alkaline Fights infections Builds high blood count Helps to form more hemoglobin and red blood cells Helps to prevent cancer Helps to improve vision Serves as a prebiotic and feeds gut flora Reduces pain caused by inflammation Helps to soften and regulate bowl movements"
  • Beautiful post from @annaveitharts  Make sure you head over and leave her some love and support! "Got these and some more Dr Morse herbal tinctures and tea delivered yesterday Im looking forward to taking them along with the frutarian diet Im on at the moment They are for detoxing and rebuilding and I got some for different areas of the body, still focusing on healing from CPTSD so I made sure to get some for the brain, nervous system and adrenal glands  but not only my whole body needs caring and repairingI very much appreciate Dr Morses teachings, they have helped and inspired me a lot and his herbal products are very high quality so lets see what happens"
  • is to create it! What future do you want to create? Let us know in the comments!  Quote by Abraham Lincoln
  • Did you know that pineapple burns fat and tones the stomach?
  • If you are cold, tea will warm youif you are too heated, it will cool youIf you are depressed, it will cheer youIf you are excited, it will calm you  William Ewart Gladstone
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