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  • "Microbes are just nature's janitors who work to clean up a poorly kept culturing medium  Trying to keep microbes off of and out of your body is like trying to keep the wind out of the trees "   Dr Robert Morse
  • How much do you love peaches?  They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium amp iron They do wonders for your skin, eyes, digestion and boost your immunity!
  • Thanks @thenaturalwayofhealing!  "This is an amazing tea consisting of wildcrafted herbs that help move the lymphatic system and strengthen the endocrine gland system! BLESS UP!"
  • "Regeneration means removing that which is degenerating you"  Do you agree?
  • Have you ever needed to take a breather from your detox journey? You're not alone  Here's a portion of what @fruitflyshi experienced: "Adding a few more herbs into my daily protocol thanks to @ourbotanicals I had to take a break from taking so many at once, because of the deep healing crisis I was experiencing  Finding a healthy balance can been challenging  For those of us that have lived with chronic "illness" most of our lives, the detox can be extremely painful although necessary"
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