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  • Have you ever wondered about the GI Broom?  You can learn all about it in our blog post 'Is it time to detox your GI Tract?' (just click the link in our bio) Here's how @rawfoodsolution used it: "During my 30day juice feast I had  the GI broom every morning and it was hugely beneficial I had a few colonics during my fast but with the GI broom I could have got away without them It not only keeps things moving along nicely but also starts the healing process by enhancing lymphatic function in the gut as well as healing the intestinal lining" 30dayjuicefast
  • Where your focus goes, energy flows  What have you been focusing on recently? Is your focus where you want it to be?
  • @misskellyvincent is on a lymphatic healing mission Who's with her?
  • Just some watermelon love from Dr Morse to put a smile on your face
  • "No more BandAids or trends to get "healthy" Years and years of covering symptoms got me deeper into invisible disease I spent years researching and trying to figure out what was wrong with me and what was the root cause Plants became my medicinea true life source I started an herb detox program in April along with eating mostly fruits since they are the greatest healers (Garden of Eden) EXTREME? Yes! Healing from the inside out? Yes!"  Read the rest of @mfriesen72 's inspiring post on her account!
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