the psychology of wellenss

Hello! In my experience, detoxification and mindfulness are the most powerful paths to radiant health and healing, and it is these two elements that get the job done in a clinical setting.

Every healing process at times requires guidance from someone who has knowledge of the process. Both detoxification and the practice of mindfulness can bring up uncomfortable experiences. This occurs as the unconscious and chronic causes of our ‘un-health’ are brought to the acute surface to be experienced, processed, and eliminated. We are here to help you do this with full knowledge, understanding, and in safety.

Coming from a background of both psychology & natural health, Rohan works with clients from all around the world to achieve the highest levels of both physiological, emotional and mental healing and regeneration. Rohan completed his academic studies in both New Zealand and the United States with his research into Community Health being presented in academic journals and conferences around the world. He currently splits his time between New Zealand and Sweden working with clients and giving lectures on health, psychology and community development.



I am already into rawfoods, fruit and herbs but Rohan just taught me everything in a different level! It is really amazing how simple he makes it. I would love to go to other lectures with Rohan and to meet him again – He is really an amazing person.

Elin / Oslo, Norway

Its amazing how much I am realising the need to be kinder with myself and what you said seemed to bring up another level of self acceptance.

Abby / Queensland, Australia
Alexandra Malin

I can listen to Rohan a hundred times, every second is a second of learning, inspiration and most of all – truth. I am forever grateful for his teachings because it brings me to realize what Loving myself is really about and I love how he shares personal stories with his audience, just another thing that shows us how, in the end, we are all the same with different struggles – more or less strangers to ourselves, but most of all our own heroes. Thank you!

Alexandra Malin / Sweden
Ulrika Fransson

I would really recommend Rohan’s lecture – finally I understand why my body is as it is and what I can do to repair it. Rohan makes it interesting, understandable and enables you to understand how to heal and strengthen your body. I would also recommend a consultation with him.

Ulrika Fransson / Sweden