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Forest Superfoods Organic Super Greens Mix

What Makes Our Super Greens So Special?

It isn’t just the incredible price that makes our Super Greens so popular. It is the fact that two of the main ingredients are grown in Swan Hill, Victoria and 100% are certified organic (aco) so you know they are free of pesticides, herbicides and fillers of any kind. The combination of Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass and Barley Grass means you are getting a great detoxifier, vitamins, nutrients, beta carotenes and so much more in every teaspoon The new addition of Organic Kale provides amazing anti-inflammatory benefits and increased nutrition!

Our Super Greens Mix contains no sweeteners, fillers or additives!

Amazing natural detoxifier that removes heavy metals from the body (Chlorella)

Packed with 7x more calcium than milk (Barley Grass)

Contains essential nutrients required to avoid eye degeneration (Spirulina)

Provides more oxygen for your cells (Wheatgrass)

Very rich source of iron (Barley Grass)

More than double the protein of meat (Spirulina)

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