Forest Superfoods Australian Wheatgrass Powder 250g


Join the green revolution

Since its discovery as a desirable nutritional supplement, wheatgrass has been adopted in most regions of the world, where it is frequently juiced or dried and ground to a powder. Containing a massive 70% chlorophyl and a nutritional profile that matches fresh vegetables, it's never been easier to eat your greens.

70% chlorophyll which assists the body in detoxing

High in Vitamin E, Iron, zinc, protein and manganese to help growth

1 tsp is the equivalent nutritionally to 1kg of leafy greens.

More Vitamin C than oranges for stronger immunity

Gives the body & brain more oxygen to assist in better function.

High magnesium content helps balance sex hormones.

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Forest Superfoods Australian Wheatgrass Powder 250g


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