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Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit Weeks 7 & 8


Dr Robert Morse N.D. has seen over 200,000 clients over his 40 years as a health clinician and using his protocols of living foods and herbal formulas, his clients have eliminated all diversities and levels of ‘disease’ including cancers, diabetes, tumors, anxiety etc. Dr Morse always suggests that his clients begin with Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit Weeks 1 & 2 to begin the cleansing and healing process. This kit is the fourth of a 14 week detoxification protocol will take you to the top of the mountain where all tissue can be regenerated, all hurts can be forgiven, all lives can be brought into wholeness. Blessings.

Deep Tissue Cleansing Kit Weeks 7 & 8 Includes:

– Lymphatic System III Capsules
– Lymph Nodes III Tincture
– Upper Circulation Tincture
– Kidneys & Bladder III Capsules
– Kidneys & Bladder IV Tincture
– Brain & Nerve II Tincture
– Adrenal Glands Tincture
– Stomach & Bowels #2 Capsules
+ Brochure Guide From Dr Robert Morse

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