The beauty of natural healing is that it re-ignites your health and vitality and addresses the root cause of your health conditions. 10 years ago I was in a hell hole and my health was falling apart, however I was able to pull myself out of that and I now live a life filled with vitality and a passion for health. If you are suffering and you’re sick and tired of treating, managing and carrying your symptoms around like a ball and chain – I can truly show you how you can free yourself from that!

Janne Reckert is a certified detoxification specialist and holistic health advocate focused on the regeneration of the human body, mind and spirit. After having overcome serious health challenges such as depression, anxiety, jaundice, high blood pressure and addiction he attended Dr. Robert Morse ND’s international school of detoxification and knew it was his calling to help others. He now inspires and works with people from all over the world and helps them reach heightened levels of health and vitality.


Finding your message was the start to some of the most beautiful beginnings in my life. Friends and family have noticed the changes in my mind and body so fast without me even saying a word. Im incredibly grateful that I found you and started to align with my true self!

Angie Falco / USA

I’m on a personal journey of detox, spiritual growth and overall development. You were one of the first and most important people i could count on for real information about health and more! There was a time just after my awakening where I couldn’t count on anyone expect you and your message. You really helped me a lot to understand what was happening to me! Needless to say you made a big difference, so thanks a lot brother!

Kimey Robertson / Australia

I was waking up with inflammation, pain, and stiffness. I was also sleeping all the time and feeling down and out. After 7 weeks, I can honestly say that I feel no pain! It also broke me out of that self-caused funk I was in. My flexibility is incredible and I don’t gas out anymore! I feel like a million bucks!

Brady Shiloh / USA
I’ve been following Janne’s advice and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been!
Sean Palmer / Canda


Before each consultation you will be sent a health questionnaire to fill out. This will allow me to get a general overview of your current state of health and give us more time to focus on the solutions of your health problems during our consultation.

Each consultation is unique since everyone has a different genetic blueprint and is dealing with varying degrees of health problems. All information and health advice will be customized for your specific needs.

Working with nature using herbs and food as medicine to address the causative factors of your health issues while simultaneously working on releasing mental and emotional baggage to facilitate your healing process on a holistic level.


– pin point the weaknesses in your body!

– identify the underlying causes of your health issues!

– discover the healing power of herbs in conjunction with natural foods!

– enjoy individual attention and get your questions answered!


– a personal health analysis to your health questionnaire!

– a follow up email that contains :

  • dietary recommendations!
  • a customized herbal protocol!
  • informative hand-outs that will increase your knowledge on natural healing and help you on your healing journey!

– 30 day email support and my commitment to your success!