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Introducing… Dan McDonald

Dan the Man barely needs any introduction! He is a legend in this community who has helped to transform many lives and inspire so much positive change in the raw food movement. Many of us were introduced to him from his very successful YouTube channel, liferegenerator where he now has over two hundred and seventy two thousand subscribers.

Much like Dr Morse’s YouTube channel, it is a treasure trove of life giving, informative videos, including recipes, interviews nutrition tips, detox advice and more.

Here at Our Botanicals we have always enjoyed his inspirational videos and so are excited to announce that Dan is joining us! You can now find Dan on our team of expert Practitioners to partner with you in your detoxification journey. 

You can now book ninety minute consultations as well as a personalised fourteen week herbal protocol with him.

Simply click here to see our Qualified Practitioners and book a consultation.


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2 thoughts on “Introducing… Dan McDonald

  1. carmen spence says:

    I have suffered with Crohns disease for most of my adult, however I can put up with that, but now I have developed breathlessness, wheeze and mucous.I have also developed Silent reflux with a painful throat
    I live at Mudgeeraba behind the Gold Coast in the Hinterland.
    I have read almost all Robert Morse videos.
    However as I am an aged Pensioner, I would l8ke to know if you have some hope of helping me, and an idea of the costing, please.
    Kind Regards,

    Carmen Spence

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