Over the years I have read many articles written by both proponents, and sceptics of the term ‘detoxification’. Sadly however, invariably all of these papers lack a basic understanding of simple physiology and chemistry.

Let me briefly lay down a little truth about the matter.

At the physical level, our bodies are simply made up of cells, around 80 trillion of them, and each of these cells do just what you do – they eat and eliminate waste. This is a common pattern throughout nature ~ humans eat and eliminate, animals eat and eliminate, trees eat and eliminate, even your car ‘eats’ and eliminates waste.

Our bodies have two main fluids that take care of these two basic functions of cells, and between our cells and these two fluids we make up the vast majority of our physical body. Blood is in charge of feeding the cells with carbon and oxygen that those cells turn into energy, and this is the main focus of medical doctors, nutritionists, and even most naturopaths. However, blood makes up only 25% of the fluid that flows around the cells of your body, the other 75% is the focus of detoxification. This other, rarely mentioned fluid is in charge of cleaning our cells and it is called ‘The Gigantic Lymphatic System’.

Every one of your 80 trillions cells eliminates wastes around the same acidity as coke, and if anyone as put a tooth in a glass of coke overnight they will understand how serious this is. When our lymphatic fluid is moving easily though our body, these acidic wastes are moved out of the body easily and cells are as happy as a baby who gets its nappies changed regularly. Anyone who has been around babies knows that no matter how good the food is that they are being fed, if their nappies are not getting changed regularly, they will get badly burnt by their own wastes. This is the same with cells.

Unfortunately, freely flowing lymphatic fluid is a very rare phenomena these days. In fact, humanity is in a state of chronic lymphatic congestion, meaning that the fluid flowing around the cells and cleaning them has become stagnant and thickened. Although we may be getting good nutrition to our cells through our blood, if the lymphatic fluid is not flowing cleanly and removing cellular waste, those cells will begin to burn and eventually mutate and become cancerous. All ‘disease’ symptoms are just damaged cells – whether cancer, diabetes, skin conditions, arthritis, chrons, hypothyroidism or endometriosis – we are just talking about damaged cells. And what damages cells? The acid side of chemistry when it is not properly removed from the body.

Detoxification is the process of cleaning this lymphatic fluid so that our cells can breathe easily, and of cleaning out and energising our endocrine glands that govern our body. Clinically we see that when we begin to alkalise the body, move lymphatic fluid, and turn on our endocrine glands we begin to experience a constant high flow of energy that not only enlivens our daily lives, but also heals our physical and emotional bodies so that our symptoms of unhealth disappear.

Don’t be made to think that health is something that only the highly academic can understand. Health is very simple and you can take control of yours through very simple steps we will discuss next issue.

Remember, all tissue can be regenerated, all hurts can be forgiven, and all lives can be brought into wholeness.


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