Aloha! It’s Dan here. I can help you. No one in this world deserves to be sick. We were created to be radiantly healthy. If you’re serious about your healing, having a consult with me will speed up the process and get you feeling confident and excited about the regeneration of your life.

Cancer, diabetes, autism, excess weight etc. all have the same basic root cause and all can be brought back into harmony with natural healing. I love working one on one. I will listen to your unique health challenges and create a radiant health plan specifically for you.

Dan is a Certified Detoxification Specialist and has been studying plant based nutrition for the last 17 years. With over 2,000 videos on his YouTube channel demonstrating raw food nutrition, juicing, detoxification, fitness and spirituality – Dan has been a tremendous inspiration and guide in helping people to take responsibility for their health in the simplest and most natural way – with the food we eat!

With over 275,500 subscribers and over 40 million video views, he has truly made an impact on the health and well being of people’s lives all over the world. Dan’s magnetic personality and true passion for regenerating every cell within his own body has made his show on YouTube a contagious and inspiring ministry for those who are seeking the highest levels of health information.


Brenda Smith Gilbert

“I have lost 81lbs so far.”

Dan, A year ago on the 10th I started your master plan. I bought me a Breville, Blendtec & rebounder the best investments ever! I have lost 81lbs so far. Although I have a few more to shed, I feel and look great! My skin doesn’t sag, I have more energy than when I was 20yrs. old. I love you and Krista for sharing your lives, information & experiences with all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Brenda Smith Gilbert / Arizona
Charles Coward

“My oncologist told me that I’m a living miracle.”

I beat cancer of the esophagus. I got turned on to juicing by a chiropractor I was going to for maintenance treatments after I told him that I got diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. All my doctors …. which I might add are extraordinary talented … kept telling me that I would have to have this nasty operation to remove the top of my stomach and bottom of my esophagus, then tie them together. I avoided it. My oncologist told me that I’m a living miracle. No, it’s just because I’ve changed several things in my life. I quit smoking, started up the juicing regimen, and exercised more. Also, I have learned a lot from Dan the Man. He is awesome!!!

Charles Coward / Austin, TX
Cameron Lewis

“My energy is at an all-time high”

I found Dan on Youtube about a year ago and initially dismissed his message of fruit, vegetables and love as nonsense. Then I met him in person when he came through my check-out line at Whole Foods. I let the message sink in, went raw, and have never looked back. I came from a bodybuilding lifestyle of 6 meals a day, always including meat or a whey protein shake. The raw foods took all of the inflammation out of my body, and I dropped 20 pounds in a month. My heart rate dropped from close to 100 beats a minute down to 60 within two weeks, and my cholesterol level plummeted to an overall 110 within that first month as well. In my first few spin classes ever, I out-pedaled experienced cyclists. My energy is at an all-time high, and my depression medications are out the window. Thank you Dan McDonald!

Cameron Lewis / Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hi, it’s Dan here…

”My passion for Raw Living foods and Holistic health has been an ongoing journey that has continuously brought positive transformation into my life. Sharing what I have learned and turning these successes into gifts for others has also been very rewarding. When doing a Wellness Consultation with me we will first go over the challenges or symptoms you are experiencing on a day to day basis. We will talk about what you are doing now and what isn’t working for you. Once we discover what isn’t working we can go into the solutions. I will give you a personalized and detailed plan on how to heal with your diet, lifestyle changes and holistic therapies. I look forward to hearing from you, lets chat!”