Cheyne Goulden is a certified Level 2 Detoxification Specialist, studying at the International School of Detoxification in Florida. He is one of the leading proteges of Dr Robert Morse ND, considered to be one of the greatest healers of our time. Cheyne was a leading administrators of the Fans of Dr Morse Facebook group from 2013-2015 and helped thousands of people around the world to better understand the Dr Morse approach to health & healing.

Cheyne started helping clients in Australia in 2012 and has worked with clients all over the world. He is a passionate presenter, retreat leader, one on one health consultant and life coach. Cheyne is certified in Results Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Eriksonian Hypnosis practitioner and a proponent of Robins Madannes Human Needs Psychology. He also holds an Honors degree in Business from Monash University Caulfield, finishing with first class Honors.

Glenn Woodford

Cheyne’s knowledge of detox, iridology and health have been invaluable to me on my quest for optimum health. His hundreds of hours studying Dr Morse’s work in health allowed Cheyne to pick up where my body was and how I could get it to where I wanted it to be in clear, simple and easy to understand terms. The fact that he has walked the path himself with his own health journey is testament to the level of integrity he brings to the service he offers. I’d highly recommend a consultation with Cheyne to anyone interested in optimizing their health.

Glenn Woodford Melbourne

Paras Yazdani

Cheyne Goulden is a man of wisdom and heart. Attending his workshop on detoxification and health I walked away letting him know it was the best talk I have been to regarding the knowledge he has on the working of the body and how detoxing works, and his presentation skills. His wisdom shone and his natural personality of warm heartedness and truly caring nature ~ made him incredible to listen to. Truly thank you Cheyne for the knowledge you have passed onto me, and I wish you good luck on your journey of changing people’s lives.

Paras Yazdani Freelance Photographer

Karla and Mark

Cheyne did a very accurate iris analysis for me and for my husband.  He was very detailed and knowledgeable in his review.  He started out by pointing out what the true color of the eye is followed by the genetic constitution, and explaining why he saw a certain pattern in the constitution.  He continued his review by focusing on the areas that have the major concerns, and explains how you can locate that in the iris.  Not only does he point out the areas that need special attention, but he does it in such a way that the person does not feel overwhelmed with the work that is ahead to correct those areas.  He is very astute on how the human body works as one system, and uses the iris as a road map that allows a person to focus on health and vitality. Knowing the weaknesses and blockages is one-half of the battle, but how to empower oneself to take responsibility for the change towards ultimate health is the other half. Cheyne synthesizes the two halfs in his iridology readings.

Karla and Mark San Diego


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